Vodafone Group also leaves Facebook Libra Support Group

The global digital currency project Libra was introduced last June.
The British company Vodafone Group has left the Libra Association, which is preparing to launch the global digital currency Libra. As you know, the author of the Libra project, presented in June last year, is Facebook.

The ranks of Libra supporters quickly began to thin out when it became clear that the regulatory authorities of different countries were not enthusiastic about the plans of the American giant of social networks. In particular, Germany directly stated that it was opposed to the introduction of Libra in Europe. Soon, Paypal Holdings left the association, followed by Visa, Mastercard, and several other companies.

Given the G7 countries opposed the digital currency Facebook Libra in October, Vodafone’s withdrawal from the association is hardly unexpected. However, the current Vodafone solution is not a final failure.

“We will continue to monitor the development of the Libra Association and do not exclude the possibility of future cooperation,” the source said the representative of Vodafone.

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