Vladimir Putin proposed replacing Wikipedia with a more reliable Russian counterpart

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Russian Language Council proposed to replace Wikipedia with its Russian counterpart, that is, the Great Russian Encyclopedia.

Regarding Wikipedia, this has already been mentioned here … It is better to replace it with the “Big Russian New Encyclopedia” in electronic form. This will be, in any case, reliable information in a good, modern, by the way, form.
Vladimir Putin

Executive Director of Wikimedia.ru Stanislav Kozlovsky said that the amount of knowledge in Wikipedia is several times the size of the Big Russian Encyclopedia: “It is not very clear what it means to replace Wikipedia? Block? This nuance is not clarified. We only want to get more sources. If this implies the destruction of everything else, then it is not very clear. It is unlikely that Putin meant the latter. I hope”.

The issue of the Russian analogue of Wikipedia has been discussed since 2016. In September, information appeared that almost 1.7 billion rubles could be allocated for the creation of the Russian analogue of Wikipedia in 2020-2022.

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