Difference in 12 years. The very first iPhone compared with the latest iPhone 11 Pro

Popular tech blogger Marques K. Brownlee has posted a video on his Youtube channel that compares the latest iPhone 11 Pro with the first iPhone that Steve Jobs introduced in 2007.

The video shows the difference in design, camera quality, functionality and many other parameters, clearly demonstrating the path that Apple smartphones have traveled in 12 years.

Compared to the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro, the original 3.5-inch iPhone looks tiny. Undoubtedly, some Apple fans miss small smartphones that fit easily in your pocket and are controlled with one hand.

The camera has become one of the biggest improvements over the past generations of the iPhone. A single 2-megapixel camera was decent in 2007, but now smartphones can compete with DSLRs in some respects.

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