The future leader in cloud gaming services? Valve prepares Steam Cloud Gaming

To date, several cloud gaming services are already available on the market. They allow you to play modern games on any PC (and not only), which eliminates the need to purchase an expensive gaming computer.

While these services are not available everywhere, and in many countries the prospects for their appearance in the near future are extremely vague. However, cloud services are one of the options for the development of the gaming industry, and it is possible that in the end they will conquer the market.

It is possible that Valve will be one of the strongest players in the future. This is hinted at by the lines of the Steam Database code, where there is a mention of some Steam Cloud Gaming. It is hardly worth doubting that we are talking about the Steam gaming cloud service. There are no details yet, and it is unclear whether Valve is actually working on such a project and when it may appear on the market. At one time, it was Steam that turned the game market over, and perhaps its cloud-based counterpart will do the same.

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