US wanted to completely shut off oxygen Huawei

A plan to disconnect the Chinese manufacturer from dollar settlements may still give way. Earlier this year, the US presidential administration was considering disconnecting Huawei from the US financial system. This was reported in an exclusive material by Reuters. According to him, this measure was one of the possible options aimed at strangling the largest producer of telecommunications equipment.

The plan, which was ultimately postponed, included the inclusion of Huawei Technologies in the blacklist (SDN list) of the US Treasury. The White House National Security Council regarded the plan as the most powerful tool for a policy of sanctions against the company. Listing Huawei on the SDN list would have virtually deprived the company of the ability to complete transactions in dollars.

Instead, the choice was made in favor of other measures, such as the inclusion of Huawei in the shopping blacklist, because of which American companies lost the ability to supply their goods and services to Huawei.

One of the informants, who is a supporter of the option to disconnect Huawei from settlements in dollars, said that this option could be put to use in the coming months. The decision will be made based on an analysis of how things are going with Huawei.

If listed, Huawei will become one of the largest companies ever added to it. At one time, the Russian company Rusal, the world’s second largest aluminum producer, Russian oligarchs, Iranian politicians and drug dealers from Venezuela, was included in the list.

US companies and citizens are forbidden to conduct any financial transactions with those who are on the SDN list, and all assets of those who are on the SDN list located in the United States are blocked.

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