US Presidential Administration claims that Huawei and Hikvision are owned or controlled by the Chinese military

According to a source, the US presidential administration believes that leading Chinese companies, including the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment Huawei Technologies and Hikvision, a company specializing in video surveillance, are owned or controlled by the Chinese military. This provides the basis for new financial sanctions by the United States.

Last year, Washington blacklisted Huawei and Hikvision for security reasons, and launched an international campaign to persuade allies to exclude Huawei from 5G networks.

According to Reuters, the current document prepared by the US Department of Defense lists 20 companies operating in the United States that are allegedly associated with the People’s Liberation Army of China.

In addition to Huawei Technologies and Hikvision, the list includes telecommunications companies China Mobile Communications Group and China Telecommunications Corp, as well as aircraft manufacturer Aviation Industry Corp of China.

According to the law adopted in 1999, the list prepared by the Pentagon gives the president grounds for sanctions, which, in particular, may include blocking all property of the listed parties.

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