US lawmakers propose $ 22.8 billion in aid to the semiconductor industry

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers has filed a bill to help local semiconductor manufacturers. The project provides for the allocation of more than $ 22.8 billion in order to stimulate the construction of microchip factories in America in the context of strategic competition with China in the field of high technologies.

A microcircuit plant can cost $ 15 billion, with a significant part of the cost being for expensive equipment. The lawmakers’ proposal proposed introducing a 40% return tax rebate on semiconductor equipment, $ 10 billion from federal funds to cover incentives to build factories, and $ 12 billion to finance research and development.

Allegedly, this will allow the Ministry of Defense to use funding in accordance with the law on defense production to “create and expand the capabilities of domestic production of semiconductors.” Although there are “trustworthy industries” in the United States that fulfill government orders, many microcircuits have to be purchased in Southeast Asia. Private companies, including Apple, Qualcomm and Nvidia, rely even more heavily on Asian manufacturers.

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