US Department of Commerce Allows US Companies to Work with Huawei in Standards Organizations

A Reuters report that the US will very soon allow its companies to work with Huawei in international standards-developing organizations has been confirmed.

The US Department of Commerce yesterday released a new rule that allows US companies to develop standards for 5G and other advanced technologies in conjunction with Huawei. At the same time, the remaining restrictions on doing business with a Chinese company, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, remained in force.

The amendment permits the transfer of certain technologies to Huawei and its affiliates if this contributes to “revising or developing a standard in a standards organization.”

Representatives of industry and government previously drew the attention of the ministry that blacklisting of Huawei led to the fact that American companies were not sure whether they could participate in the work of industry organizations together with Huawei and publish their developments there. As a result, Huawei received a stronger voice in these organizations.

The amendment said Huawei and 114 foreign affiliates of the Chinese company “continue to participate in many important international standardization organizations, in which American companies also participate.”

“Because international standards serve as building blocks for product development and help ensure functionality, interoperability, and security, it’s important for US technology leadership that American companies can work in these bodies and that US standards proposals are fully considered.”

It remains to add that the amendment has certain requirements for standards organizations affecting the principles of work. The source does not disclose their essence, but expresses concern that not all organizations will want to change something in order to meet these requirements.

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