Updating Windows 10 crashes computers again. However, nothing surprising

Microsoft continues the tradition of dangerous updates.
Microsoft released on February 11 another update of Windows 10 as part of the monthly update Patch Tuesday, traditionally released on the second Tuesday of the month. Also, traditionally, the update was not without unpleasant surprises.

The January update of Windows 10 led to problems with Wi-Fi, the blue screen of death, and other troubles. The February update also “pleases” users, although it is designed to eliminate defects and errors.

After installing the Windows 10 update with the number KB4532693, some users are faced with the return of the Start menu and desktop to its original appearance. User profile loading turned out to be incorrect on a permanent or temporary basis. This means that all the shortcuts for the desktop and the Start menu disappear after installing the update.

The accompanying February security update KB4524244 brings some complexity to HP computers. Up to sudden reboots, freezes and loss of performance. Removing the update solves the problem.

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