Until 2023, the market for artificial intelligence chips will grow by 39% per year

This forecast is given by TechNavio analysts.
Experts at TechNavio analyst firm expect the global market for artificial intelligence (AI) chips to grow by 39% per year from 2019 to 2023. If this forecast is true, the market in 2023 will grow by $ 36.6 billion compared to 2018. The growth this year compared to 2018 is estimated at 26.84%.

We’ll clarify that analysts call the main segments of chips for artificial intelligence GPU, ASIC, CPU and FPGA. They explain the need for specialized solutions for AI by the need to process huge amounts of data that traditional processors cannot cope with. Therefore, the main growth engine will be the widespread adoption of AI accelerators in data centers (DPCs).

The use of artificial intelligence technologies allows data center operators to increase uptime, energy efficiency and safety, reduce operating costs and improve infrastructure management.

The introduction of artificial intelligence technology is growing rapidly in many industries. This has attracted many players to the artificial intelligence market, looking to capitalize on the growing demand. According to Technavio, an increase in investment in AI startups will have a positive impact on the market and will make a significant contribution to its growth over the forecast period.

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