Unmanned KamAZ “Odyssey” is already working on real tasks

The Russian manufacturer of KamAZ trucks has announced the beginning of testing the KamAZ-4308 Odyssey unmanned vehicle for real tasks.

A truck without a driver is used to transport components from a frame-and-press plant to a car factory as part of the KamAZ industrial site. Test races of such trucks will soon be held in one of the coal mines of Kuzbass. According to the press service, such machines can be used in any industry where shuttle transport on specified routes is required.

Test “Odyssey” is assembled on the basis of the diesel KamAZ-4308. The car is equipped with four types of sensors: video cameras, radars, lidars and sonars. Also, the autobot is equipped with several communication systems: industrial Wi-Fi, 4G and a special VHF band in case other communication channels are jammed, that is, an emergency channel. All data from the sensors goes to a computer, where the analysis of incoming information about the motion parameters will take place.

KamAZ Director General Sergey Kogogin explained the situation with drones in Russia:

The drone’s access to public roads is a revolutionary situation both in the minds of people and in the regulatory framework. Of course, the robot will make far fewer mistakes, fewer crashes. But the moral aspect remains – who will be to blame in the event of an accident? If there is no driver, the automaker is to blame. Not everyone is ready to accept this responsibility. The development of a regulatory framework for the use of drones around the world will take time, and it certainly will not happen in 2020-2021. Moreover, in closed areas, people can assume responsibility for the operation of unmanned vehicles. ”

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