Unique Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone book may come out much earlier than we were promised

Last autumn Microsoft showed a number of unusual devices, one of which was the Surface Duo smartphone. This is a two-screen device in the book form factor, running on Android.

But during the announcement, Microsoft said that we will receive such a smartphone only at the end of 2020. However, recent data indicate the possibility of an earlier exit device.

Referring to several of his contacts, the source says that the Surface Duo may come out by the summer, albeit in limited quantities. That’s because Microsoft is almost ready for both hardware and software. The company is allegedly now working on the final stages of OS configuration and the specific software that the device will have. For example, the other day we saw how it would be possible to interact with a smartphone, only slightly opening the lid.

Recall, the Surface Duo will be based on the Snapdragon 855, so Microsoft has an additional reason to release the smartphone as early as possible – so that its platform does not seem to potential buyers completely outdated.

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