Unexpected iPhone Battery Discharge

Closing background apps frequently reduces iPhone life.
According to new information, the frequent closure of background applications on iPhone smartphones can not only make the device a little faster, but at the same time speeds up battery drainage.

Back in 2016, various media outlets sought comment on this topic from Apple leader Tim Cook, who did not give a direct answer. Craig Federighi, who was then senior vice president of Apple Software, gave a negative answer, saying that the frequent closure of background applications does not affect the battery life of the device.

Apple’s official tech support site says. that forced closure is recommended only when the application is not responding. When viewing running applications, they do not open, but are in standby mode to make the device faster and more convenient to use.

If the background application update is turned off, then when switching to another application, the previously opened application will continue to work for a short period of time, and then will go into a pause state. The suspended application will not remain active, open, or use system resources.

If you often close all running applications, then when you open them again, they restart from scratch. At the same time, applications load longer, consume additional memory and increase battery consumption.

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