Understood: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Mi CC9 Pro are the same smartphone

The well-established insider under the nickname Xiaomishka, who regularly regularly pioneers interesting news about Xiaomi, Redmi and more, shared exclusive information on the release date expected by many of the 108-megapixel Xiaomi smartphones.

Firstly, he confirmed that Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Mi CC9 Pro are one and the same smartphone, and not different models, as was considered the last few days. Therefore, in the photographs that Xiaomi uploads, it says “Shot on a Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Pentacamera”, and the company itself says that the first smartphone with a camera resolution of 108 megapixels will be Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

To make it clearer: in China, the novelty will be called Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, and on the world market it will be released under the name Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Recently, Xiaomi launches its new smartphones all over the world, so the name of the global version of the smartphone is indicated on the official poster.

Secondly, through its own channels, the informant learned that the device will go on sale in Poland on November 14. But initially, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will go on sale in Spain, this will take place next week, until November 11, when the largest sale of the year, dedicated to the Bachelor’s Day, starts in China.

We already know that the official announcement of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will take place on November 5, on the same day the company will also present Xiaomi Mi Watch smart watches, new televisions and household appliances.

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