Ultra-efficient and durable solar panels created

Panels based on perovskite materials due to the special crystal structure are able to effectively absorb solar energy. However, existing developments are short-lived, collapsing under the influence of oxygen, moisture and light. Korean scientists have completely revised the concept of perovskites, achieving both a high energy conversion coefficient and product durability.

The study was reported by a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Seoul National University, and Sejong University. To increase the strength of perovskites, molecules were mixed that are located in two-dimensional layers consisting of phenethylammonium. This made it possible to increase the efficiency and durability of finished solar panels without the use of additional protective coatings.

During the experiment, it was possible to achieve a maximum light conversion efficiency of 20.7% while maintaining the resource of the material up to 80% after 1000 hours of continuous operation. When using silicon, the efficiency increased to 26.7%, which is only slightly less than the current record – 27.7%.

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