Ukraine is one of the best markets for Samsung. There, the company occupied almost half of the market.

Referring to Counterpoint Research analysts, the source said that Samsung managed to increase its share of the European smartphone market by 2 percentage points to 27% last quarter.

First of all, due to the fall in the share of Huawei, which is forced to sell some smartphones without Google services. At the same time, the source does not cite the share of Huawei, which would be very interesting.

However, not everywhere Samsung has strengthened its presence. For example, Samsung’s market share in the Middle East and Africa fell from 22% to 20%, in Central and South America – from 36% to 34%, in North America – from 22% to 20%.

But Samsung had the lion’s share of the market in countries such as Ukraine, Chile, Peru and Portugal. In particular, Samsung occupied an incredible 49% in the Ukrainian market, which is almost twice as much as a year earlier.

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