UEFI boot USB Windows

You can use Rufus UEFI to make UEFI bootable usb… But there is a way much easier and much faster.

Format your USB flash drive. Run Command Prompt as Administrator. Enter the command “Diskpart” and press Enter.


Enter “List Disk” to display all mapped disk partitions.

Now that the list of drives is displayed, select your USB flash drive. In our case, this is Disk 1.

We enter the commands sequentially:

  • Select disk 1; (this is our USB flash drive);
  • clean;
  • create partition primary;
  • format fs = fat32 quick; (needs for UEFI boot loader);
  • active;
  • assign;
  • list volume;
  • exit.

We have prepared our USB flash drive for creating bootable removable media for installing Windows. You can rename it for convenience at your discretion. At the moment I need a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7, but in the same way you can create a USB flash drive with Windows 8, 10, or 11 … You need to mount an ISO-image with the required OS, or insert a DVD-disk into the drive.

Next, you need to select all the files that are on our disk or in the ISO image.

Right click, send to, and select your USB flash drive as the recipient. After all the files are copied, you will have a bootable USB for UEFI -bios ready.

And then restart the computer, boot from USB and install the operating system.

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