Two manufacturers control 85% of the smartphone image sensor market

The CMOS-type image sensor market in recent years has become one of the most dynamic areas of the semiconductor industry with annual revenue growth of up to 10%. According to the forecasts of Counterpoint Research analysts, in 2020 alone sales of image sensors for smartphone cameras reached $ 12 billion. Note that according to the data for 2018, image sensors for smartphone cameras accounted for almost 70% of all image sensor sales.

The need for sensors began to grow when manufacturers came up with several cameras in one smartphone. In 2018, each new smartphone had an average of 2.4 image sensors. It is expected that in 2020 this figure will exceed 3.0.

The largest supplier is Sony. According to the results of the first half of this year, it owns 57.2% of the market. In second place is Samsung with 27.8% of the market. It is easy to calculate that two manufacturers control 85% of the market for image sensors for smartphones. The distribution of the market is illustrated in the illustration.

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