TSMC has problems implementing 3-nanometer process technology

According to a source, TSMC has problems with the introduction of a 3-nanometer process technology: trial production of such substrates was supposed to begin in June, but is likely to be delayed until December. This was also affected by the high demand for 7- and 5-nanometer processors and single-chip systems and, obviously, the coronavirus pandemic.

TSMC hoped to complete the trial phase of 3-nanometer wafers this year, but this is most likely not to happen. Moreover, the process may drag on to the 1st quarter of next year. However, the company has not yet adjusted the plan for the start of mass production of 3-nanometer substrates in 2022.

Problems with the development of the 3-nanometer process technology are also added by the high demand for 7- and 5-nanometer products. In one of the past news, we suggested that large orders for the production of Kirin single-chip platforms for Huawei smartphones could lead to delays in the release of new AMD and Nvidia products, and now it becomes clear that not only the current TSMC processes are suffering from US sanctions, but also promising.

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