TSMC accelerates research and development related to 2 nm adoption

The largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor products, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), said that in the first half of next year it will begin trial production of products at 3 nm standards, and in the second half of 2022 this manufacturing process will be used in serial production. In addition, the company accelerated research and development related to the adoption of 2 nm standards. In particular, two installations necessary for this for EUV lithography were purchased.

The basis for the 3-nanometer process technology is the well-known architecture of the fin-type field effect transistor (FinFET). According to TSMC, it will also allow to master the norms of 2 nm. It is expected that production at 2 nm standards at facilities located in the South Science and Technology Park in Hsinchu (Taiwan) will begin in 2024.

TSMC’s investment this year will be $ 15-16 billion, as planned.

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