Trump threatens Europe with retaliatory sanctions due to “tax on Google”

US authorities have announced their intention to introduce duties at a rate of up to 100% on French goods. In this way, the US government wants to demonstrate a digital tax response for its corporations, the so-called Google tax. France’s “Google tax” requires large companies that provide digital services in the country to pay 3% of local revenue. This affects US corporations such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. It is worth noting that Russia also has a similar tax.

In response, the United States in 2020 can set duties up to 100% on 63 types of goods, the US trade mission said. This includes wine, cheese, bags and cosmetics, Bloomberg said.

Since January 2017, the so-called Google tax has been in effect in Russia. Some companies found it difficult to pay this tax: Russian banks reject tax payments from foreign accounts due to a lack of full details in payment orders.

In mid-July, the French parliament passed a service tax law for major US digital companies. Later, French President Emmanuel Macron promised that as soon as the digital tax is introduced at the international level, France will abolish its tax.

previously reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law against Apple

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