Trains and planes in Russia will receive high-speed Internet

According to Izvestia, Russia plans to equip trains and planes with high-speed Internet, that is, to create a fundamentally new wireless communication system for vehicles that travel at high speeds.

In this regard, repeaters with a range of 150 km are already being created, which is significantly more than conventional cellular towers. At the same time, the finished system will support all standards of satellite and cellular communications, including fifth-generation networks.

The first experimental section of the new system, which will include 10 repeaters, should be launched by 2022. Then the first trains and planes will be equipped with transceivers. According to the plan, by 2025 the system should be launched in Gelendzhik, and passengers of trains and planes that run in the Moscow-Adler direction will be able to test the benefits of the new technology.

It is suggested that access to high-speed Internet in an airplane will cost 300 rubles, while the price of one repeater on the initial one will be about 2 million rubles. Over time, the price will begin to decline.

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