Toyota and Lexus make car theft pointless

Car theft is one of the most unpleasant risks car owners face. Even alarm systems do not always do their job, but manufacturers already have a more advanced solution. Starting in 2020, the entire range of Toyota and Lexus brands in Russia will be protected by a unique anti-theft identifier T-Mark / L-Mark.

The identifier is a marking of the car with microdots from a film with a diameter of 1 mm, on which a unique PIN code is applied, associated with the VIN number of a particular car. In total, up to 10,000 such points are applied to various body elements and assemblies. You can check their compliance with the “attached” vehicle on and

The use of marking allows law enforcement agencies and buyers of used cars to compare the “passport” data of the car with the actual date of its manufacture, equipment, make and model of the engine and other characteristics. The manufacturer positions the identifiers as a solution that significantly reduces the interest of car thieves in Toyota and Lexus cars and eliminates the possibility of reselling vehicles on the secondary market.

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