Top Radeon AMD Radeon graphics card to be

At the moment, AMD’s Navi generation is represented by two lines of video cards: Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5500. The first ones belong to the lower part of the upper price segment, and the second, presumably, will cost about 150-200 dollars.

We wrote about budget cards yesterday. But what about the top segment? The assumption of AMD returning to dual-processor monsters is left aside for now. Earlier on the web, data appeared on the GPU Navi 23, which will form the basis of the most productive and expensive 3D-cards Radeon. According to early rumors, this GPU will be based on the second generation of the RDNA architecture and will even support ray tracing at the hardware level.

And if earlier this GPU appeared only in rumors, now we can talk about its existence more confidently. The fact is that the mention of this GPU appeared in the driver for Linux. Of course, without any details, but the fact itself is important. There was also a mention of the GPU Navi 22.

Unfortunately, while there are no distinct rumors about the characteristics or the timing of the release of new video cards on the market.

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