To compete with MIUI 12. Samsung is already working on the shell of One UI 2.5

It will debut on the Galaxy Note20.
At the moment, most of the current Samsung smartphones are running Android 10 with the One UI 2.0 shell. The new flagship devices boast a One UI 2.1 shell, which will later become available for the flagships of the past and the year before last.

But sources say Samsung is already running on One UI 2.5. This shell is expected to debut on smartphones of the Galaxy Note20 line, that is, it will be released in August or September. There are almost no details about the new version of the shell. Apparently, the new shell will allow, among other things, the use of standard Android navigation gestures, but so far there is no clarity.

But we can assume that One UI 2.5 will be a major update, which will bring a lot of new things.

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