Ticktokers are saddened. Favorite service cut back due to coronavirus

The creators of the small video service have announced that they will restrict high-resolution streaming of content in the corresponding application over the next 30 days to free up the network infrastructure in Europe.

TikTok echoed the largest streaming video providers, including Facebook, which also went this step with its company-owned social network Instagram.

Despite the fact that we want our platform to be a place where our community can create, share and enjoy video content, we do not want the increased level of use to put additional pressure on the overall network infrastructure. Therefore, we made a voluntary decision so that our European users could not view high-resolution content for the next 30 days.

Users will still be able to create and share videos in standard resolution. The creators of TikTok are confident that this decision will not affect their impressions of using the service.

The change has already taken effect, TikTok will continue to work closely with network operators regarding any such solutions in the future.

It is worth noting that TikTok surpassed WhatsApp in the number of application downloads worldwide in January 2020.

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