This is what Apple’s new hit looks like. iPhone SE 2020 on the official image

The company in full swing Apple is preparing for the premiere of the budget smartphone iPhone SE 2020 – it will be presented either next week, or April 15. There is no exact data about the premiere date, but there is a reliable image of the device – it was published on the German mirror of the company’s official website. Thus, in front of us is the iPhone 2020 as it is.

If the design seems familiar, then the memory does not deceive you: iPhone SE 2020 will practically repeat iPhone 8 in terms of appearance. Differences between them only in nuances. But technically, the novelty will be more interesting. Firstly, the battery capacity will be greater than the iPhone 8, and secondly, instead of the SoC Apple A11 Bionic, the platform will be used fresher. There will be three memory capacities: 64, 128 and 256 GB. It is expected that the cost of the basic version of the iPhone SE 2020 will be $ 400.

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