This is the first real threat that 5G networks have brought

The power and frequency of DDoS attacks will increase significantly.
Anton Fishman, head of the system solutions department at Group-IB, a company specializing in cyber security, said that the power and frequency of DDoS attacks will increase significantly this year.

Interestingly, the main reason for this, he called the spread of fifth-generation 5G mobile communications technology and a large number of insecure devices. That is, against the backdrop of all the advantages of 5G, the first negative point of the new technology was named.

We already reported that in January, the financial and credit organization Sberbank managed to repel the most powerful DDoS attack in its history. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov, who added that the use of 5G technology brings DDoS attacks to a whole new level of danger. In addition, Kuznetsov confirmed that this year not only domestic but also foreign companies will face much more serious DDoS attacks.

Wider implementation of 5G will significantly increase the number of traditional attacks that providers have faced in recent years, for example, the power and frequency of DDoS attacks will increase significantly due to the large number of insecure devices. On the other hand, the owners of DDoS botnets built on a large number of infected routers , may begin to rent them out to phishing attackers. This will allow them to earn more than DDoS attacks.

The speed of Internet access around the world is growing, while the cost of DDOS attacks themselves on the Internet is decreasing due to the large number of offers, and users are still blithely concerned about the security of their devices and IOT devices. DDoS can also be used as a distracting maneuver when making other attacks, for example, when stealing money from a bank and as part of a chain when conducting an attack on a brand to disable a service / service.

Anton Fishman

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