This is madness. USA about Huawei 5G equipment


US warns that all the consequences of the advent of the 5G era are extremely poorly understood.
The UK government is preparing to decide whether to allow Huawei to participate in the creation of a key part of the national 5G infrastructure.

In this regard, US officials made a sharp comment. U.S. officials said the UK’s move could jeopardize intelligence sharing between countries. Senior US officials visited London on Monday, strongly recommending abandoning the very idea of ​​using Huawei equipment.

The officials brought with them documents that, according to sources, called into question their own technical assessment of the British intelligence on the security of Huawei’s 5G equipment. American sources declined to comment on the content of the documents, saying that agreeing to use such equipment would be “real madness.”

The US warns that all the consequences of the advent of the 5G era are so poorly understood that the safest and best solution is to completely remove the Chinese company from the list of suppliers.

Huawei insists that its equipment is completely safe and offers to sign a “no espionage agreement” with countries that fear using its technology.


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