This is a fiasco. Google accidentally sent user videos to strangers

The company notifies users of an error.
Google has begun to notify Google Takeout users of a “technical error.” As a result of this error, videos from Google Photos of some users were sent to strangers.

Google Takeout service allows you to download content from Google applications and services in the form of an archive. This archived data can then be transferred to other services or just keep a backup copy. For example, you can download an archive of photos and videos from Google Photos.

It was Google Photos users that were touched by the “technical error” made by Google. As the company explains in an email, from November 21 to November 25, 2019, Google Photos data from was not exported correctly. Content could not be downloaded in full, and users could receive videos that did not belong to them.

As a “solution” to the problem, Google asks users to delete the previous download and export the data again. On the service itself, the error has already been fixed.

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