Thin and light laptop with autonomy per day

Samsung Galaxy Book S on SoC Snapdragon 8cx can play video for about 23 hours.
It remains to know its performance.

The Snapdragon 8cx single-chip system was introduced back in December 2018. Recall that this platform is designed specifically for laptops of the Always Connected PC class, running a special version of Windows 10.

Snapdragon 8cx replaced the Snapdragon 835, which, as shown by tests, can provide the laptop with excellent autonomy, but its performance is already too weak.

The Snapdragon 8cx parameters, and then its first tests, gave hope that it was with this platform that the Always Connected PC class of laptops would become viable, and such devices could compete with ordinary laptops.

Unfortunately, the output of the first laptops with this SoC was seriously delayed. Only a couple of weeks ago, the first such device – Samsung Galaxy Book S – went on sale. While the Network has not yet fully tested this laptop, but some interesting information has nevertheless arrived.

The source shared data on the autonomy of the Galaxy Book S, which was verified by conducting extensive testing. So, in the video playback mode in the PC Mark 10 test, the laptop worked for 18 hours until the moment when the charge level dropped to 20%. That is, in general, autonomy in this mode can be estimated at 22-23 hours. And this is an impressive result, especially if you recall that the thickness of the device is 11.8 mm and the mass is 960 g. For comparison, the MacBook Air on the CPU Core i5-8210Y and with a slightly larger battery shows only about 13 hours, i.e. almost half as much.

That is, at least the autonomy of the Galaxy Book S is clearly higher than the vast majority of modern laptops. The question of performance remains.

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