There are no queues, but it’s also difficult to buy: the latest Intel processors are in short supply

A few days ago, Intel started selling Cascade Lake-X processors with the number of cores from 10 to 18. And although in the first tests they do not look like the ideal CPU to buy, finding them on sale is no easier than the new 16-core Ryzen.

The source interviewed various stores to find out how widely available are the Cascade Lake-X CPUs. As it turned out, many sellers are waiting for these new products only at the beginning of next year. Moreover, even PC builders sometimes cannot get such processors. One European company said that a few days after the order received a refusal from Intel.

In the US, the situation is only slightly better. NewEgg’s range includes a 10-core Core i9-10900X for $ 700. Recall that its recommended price is 590 dollars.

Apparently, Intel with the new HEDT processors has the same problems as AMD. However, it is unlikely that someone will line up for Intel’s new products, as is the case with AMD processors.

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