The younger model of the new Xbox will be weaker than the PlayStation 4 Pro

Recently, there was information that Microsoft will still release a weaker version of the new Xbox Srarlett, which is code-named Lockhart. Now the details have become known: for example, the console will run on an eight-core processor with a frequency of about 3.5 GHz, and the performance of the APU will reach 4 TFLOPS. And this is very strange, since the performance of the Xbox One X is 6 TFLOPS, and the PS4 Pro is 4.2 TFLOPS.

That is, modern consoles, released several years ago, are more powerful than the new Xbox, which will appear only at the end of 2020. In addition, the question arises with new games that will have to be developed, including taking into account the existence of a second low-power (by the standards of the new generation) console. However, while this is only a reflection.

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