The yield of suitable 5-nanometer Apple A14 SoC in the first batch exceeded 80%


TSMC successfully masters a new process technology.
Referring to Taiwanese media reports, the source claims that TSMC has achieved great success in adopting 5 nm standards. In the first batch of single-chip Apple A14 systems, the percentage of yield exceeded 80%, laying the foundation for mass production in the next quarter.

TSMC previously announced that its 5nm process technology is superior to Samsung’s 3nm process technology. Compared to the 7-nanometer process technology, the 5-nanometer TSMC process technology allows you to increase the density of transistors by 1.8 times, the speed by 15%, and reduce power consumption by 30%. It is built on EUV lithography and takes longer than 7 nanometers.

Under the TSMC plan, initially the company will be able to produce 51,000 wafers per month, meeting Apple’s needs. Later, as Huawei Hisilicon, Qualcomm and other companies add orders, productivity will be increased to 80,000.


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