The USA blindly tightens nuts even more, digging a hole for itself

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross told Bloomberg that the government is working on new rules to ban Huawei more US technology.

According to new information, the US government is working on a decree that will ban Huawei products developed in the US and manufactured outside it, which will further expand the scope of the ban.

Experts are sure that this ban will not in fact strengthen US national security. Ultimately, this will harm America by weakening the competitive position of American technology companies, as their overseas sales are declining.

US manufacturers of semiconductor devices have confirmed that a complete ban on US products for Huawei will be counterproductive, as Huawei will find a replacement for the necessary technology from non-US suppliers.

Another problem is that China can retaliate by closing the entire Chinese market for US companies. The Chinese market is the largest in the world and is currently actively used by Apple and other manufacturers.

It is reported that the new rules will be announced by the US government in the near future.

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