The US still can not refuse the goods and services of the “dangerous” Huawei

The company received another temporary license.
Huawei continues to be under US sanctions, and this is unlikely to change in the near future. In 2019, the Chinese giant, despite this, managed to significantly increase both sales in general and smartphone shipments.

However, last year the problem of the lack of Google services and the ability to produce smartphones with SoC Kirin 810 in most markets did not hit the company hard, so 2020 will be very indicative.

And for Huawei, it began with the next extension of a temporary license, allowing a number of American companies to trade with Huawei. This time the license was granted to the Chinese giant for 45 days.

This is not surprising, considering what kind of temporary license it is. This is only an indicator that even after more than six months the United States, despite all its pressure on Huawei, cannot afford to completely abandon the services and products of this manufacturer. And it is not clear when something will change on this issue.

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