The update will increase the power of Tesla electric vehicles and automate navigation

The software update, which will begin to receive Tesla electric cars in the coming weeks, has optimized the algorithms for controlling electric motors. Allegedly, the gain is equivalent to a power increase of about 5%. This, in particular, will allow electric vehicles to accelerate faster. In addition, mileage on a single charge should increase.

The second improvement – the navigation program automatically offers a choice of the most likely routes when the driver gets into the car. This takes into account the location of the house and work, the events scheduled in the calendar and the current time. For example, if you get into a car near work on Monday evening, you will automatically be offered a route home. Of course, the choice remains with the user, and he will still have to drive the car.

Another innovation is charging planning in such a way that the battery is always ready for travel, but without the need to pay for electricity at an increased rate.

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