The tremendous power of the AMD Arcturus 3D card. Low frequency GPU test card with 21 TFLOPS performance

Insider @_rogame, delighting us with leaks regarding the unrepresented computer hardware, shared the characteristics of the AMD test board with the Arcturus GPU.

Recall, Arcturus is the code name for the line of new AMD graphics cards, which, apparently, will not be available in the consumer segment. Arcturus generation will include the new Radeon Instinct calculation accelerators.

So, if you believe the latest data, the test board is equipped with a GPU with 120 CUs. If the number of stream processors in the CU has not changed, then this means that the specified graphics processor contains an impressive 7680 stream processors. In comparison, the Radeon RX 5700 XT contains only 2560 stream processors.

The GPU of the test board worked at a frequency of 878 MHz, the memory at a frequency of 1200 MHz. At the same time, the performance (FP32) reaches 21 TFLOPS. For example, the same RX 5700 XT has a performance of 9.75 TFLOPS. In addition, the core of the test adapter worked at a very low frequency, that is, the performance of a serial adapter can be significantly higher.

Recall that previously there was data on the Radeon Instinct MI100, which, presumably, is precisely based on the Arcturus GPU. Then the source spoke of 25 TFLOPS, that is, two different rumors are very similar.

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