The tiny five-core Intel CPU performs at the level of the old Core m3-7Y30

But far superior to GPU power.
The processor with a marigold, Intel Lakefield, is not yet available for full testing. The first laptops based on such a CPU are expected in the summer. In the meantime, we can only collect the crumbs of information that fall into the network.

For example, today there are test results of this processor in 3DMark Night Raid. Lakefield scored 1700 “processor” points and 5300 “graphic”.

In terms of GPU performance, this roughly corresponds to the level of integrated G4 GPUs in Ice Lake processors. But the CPU, of course, demonstrates very modest capabilities. For comparison, the Core i3-7020U is gaining 30% more, but the Core m3-7Y30 is about the same as Lakefield, while the performance of the latter is about 20% higher than in the Core m3-7Y30.

By the way, the source indicates a base frequency of 1.4 GHz, and this is consistent with previous data. So far, we seem to see only one Lakefield CPU model in all the leaks, and it is unclear whether others will exist.

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