The third version of Tesla Solar Roof shingles is more powerful and cheaper than the previous one.

Tesla announces the launch of its new Solar Roof. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, if you need a new roof, installing these tiles will be cheaper than a new roof and separate solar panels.

This is the third version of Solar Roof shingles. Allegedly, it surpasses previous versions in power density. In this case, the number of parts used in tiles is halved. This has helped to significantly reduce costs compared to the second generation. Of course, in some cases, roofs and panels can be cheaper than Tesla Solar Roof, but Musk assured that 80% of Solar Roof cases will be cheaper.

One of the benefits of the new Solar Roof tiles is its ease of installation. According to the manufacturer, the entire roof can be installed in eight hours. We are talking about a kit for an average house with an area of ​​about 185 m2 and a capacity of 10 kW. Such a kit costs about $ 34,000, taking into account compensation for installing solar panels. The source recalls that it usually takes several days to install the roof.

So far, you can order only one version of the tile, but the company plans to make new options available every six to nine months.

As for the efficiency of the tile compared to a separate battery, it is slightly lower. I had to agree to this to give the tile a beautiful appearance. But since the tile covers the entire roof, this does not affect the overall output. A 25-year warranty is provided on tiles.

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