The source code of Bitcoin and hundreds of other technologies will be placed in a time capsule for 1000 years

Humanity is constantly faced with new threats. One of the most dangerous challenges was the coronavirus pandemic that swept the world. The latest Github project aims to preserve the most valuable technologies in the IT world. The first to go to the 1000-year-old hibernation are the source codes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as popular social networks, instant messengers and other projects.

Github, a subsidiary of Microsoft, owns the largest hosting of IT projects. The new initiative aims to preserve 250 open source technologies that define modern civilization. Among the most valuable are Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Python, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. The guaranteed period of protection of source codes is 1000 years. The creators believe that this will not only help preserve important information, but also tell future historians about the civilization of the 21st century.

The GitHub Archive Program relies on a secure data storage system designed to ensure the longevity of information. In addition, the creators point to extreme flexibility, which allows you to update data in real time or at regular intervals.

GitHub Arctic Code Vault is located in a special Arctic storage, which is located at a depth of 250 meters underground on the Norwegian island of Svalbard. More than 1.5 million seeds are stored there as insurance against the extinction of certain crops. As one of their methods of protection, LOCKSS technology will be used, which involves the creation of a large number of copies stored in different places.

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