The single-chip MediaTek Dimensity 820 system was so successful that it was necessary to increase its production by 50%

The single-chip platform MediaTek Dimensity 820 debuted in the Redmi 10X smartphone recently, but almost immediately showed its superiority over its closest competitor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G.

It is not surprising that the combination of a successful SoC and a successful smartphone made other manufacturers attract attention, as a result, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung and other companies are already eyeing the Dimensity 820. Surely on the Dimensity 820, Huawei also has plans.

All this led to the fact that, as a Chinese resource writes with reference to representatives of the component supply chain, MediaTek urgently increased the order for the production of the platform by 50%. The Dimensity 820 is manufactured by TSMC. The management of the contract manufacturer is probably happy with such news, but, on the other hand, the TSMC capacities are already overloaded: AMD Ryzen 3000 processors are produced on the 7-nanometer technology, last month Huawei placed a huge order for 5- and 7-nanometer SoCs, now here an increase in MediaTek order, and in the long run also new Nvidia 7-nanometer GPUs. In general, TSMC will have to work hard on its production facilities in order to fully satisfy the needs of all customers.

As for the other MediaTek SoCs, they seem to be not so in demand. But everything can change after the release of two new Redmi models on the Dimensity 1000+ platform – if they prove to be popular (and you can hardly doubt it), then you will have to increase the production volume of these SoCs.

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