The second IBM quantum computer outside the US will be installed in Japan

The first will be in Germany.
At the end of this week, IBM and Tokyo University announced an agreement aimed at promoting quantum computing and ensuring its practical application in the interests of industry, science and society.

The parties agreed to form a broad national partnership structure in which other universities, industries and the state will be able to participate. The partnership will have three areas of interaction: one will be aimed at developing quantum applications for industry; the other is on the development of technologies of quantum computing systems; the third – on the development of the corresponding direction in science and the education system.

Under the agreement, an IBM Q System One quantum computer will be installed at IBM in Japan. Clarify that it will be owned by IBM. Nevertheless, it will be the first installation of this type in the region and only the third in the world. The first is located in the United States, and the second, as it became known in September, will be installed in Germany in 2020. It is assumed that a computer in Japan will be used to advance research in the field of quantum algorithms, applications, and software with the aim of developing the first practical applications of quantum computing.

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