The Samsung Galaxy A01 smartphone has ceased to be strange. He has no 8 GB of RAM

Yesterday there was simply a mistake on the site.
Yesterday we wrote about the strange smartphone Samsung Galaxy A01, which surprised unreasonably with huge amounts of memory, with other budget characteristics.

Then we suggested that this might just be a mistake on the site. And so it turned out. In fact, the Galaxy A01 does not have 6, and especially not 8 GB of RAM, but only 2 GB. There is also a bit of flash memory – 16 GB, not 128 GB. All other parameters were specified correctly initially. True, we still don’t know what kind of platform is the basis of the smartphone, but here it will be enough to wait for the first tests.

In any case, we can now assume that the Galaxy A01 will indeed be the most affordable smartphone in the Galaxy A line of the new generation.

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