The revolutionary glass for future Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones is already being produced

A month ago, the web appeared that Samsung already allegedly had a supplier of revolutionary glass for flexible smartphones.

Recall that now all such devices for protecting the screen use plastic, and Corning announced in the spring that the glasses suitable for flexible smartphones will only appear on the market in a couple of years.

However, apparently, at least one company already has the necessary technology. The previous news talked about Dowoo Insys, and a new source talks about DoInsys. Considering that the first news was in Chinese, and the second in Korean, it is likely that we are talking about the same company, just a translator turns the original name into two different ones.

Anyway, if a month ago we had only rumors, now the source refers to statements by DoInsys (we will call it that).

It is reported that the manufacturer has already attracted more than $ 10 million in investments from Samsung Venture Investment and has signed a contract with Samsung Display for the supply of ultra-thin protective glasses for flexible smartphones. Moreover, the mass production of such glass has already allegedly started, that is, the next flexible Samsung device may already be equipped with glass instead of plastic.

The current performance of DoInsys is estimated at 500,000 units per month, which may not be enough to meet the demand for flexible smartphones, since in 2020 Samsung intends to sell 6 million such devices or even more. Therefore, DoInsys is considering expanding its production facilities.

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