The real nightmare of the repairman. AirPods Pro cannot be assembled after disassembly

Well-known experts iFixit disassembled new Apple headphones, which began to be sold, literally, yesterday. AirPods Pro got zero on a ten-point maintainability scale.

The components of the headphones are fitted very tightly to each other, and glue is used together to hold all the components together. The battery is generally soldered to the board and it can not be replaced even in the official service center.

In their conclusion, experts noted that, theoretically, the maintenance of such headphones is possible. However, the non-modular design with excessive use of glue, as well as the lack of components that could be replaced, makes repair of the AirPods Pro impractical and economically disadvantageous.

Headphones AirPods Pro cost $ 250 in the US and 20,990 rubles in Russia, much more expensive than regular AirPods. However, in the spring, craftsmen dismantled the updated AirPods and also assigned them 0 points.

Apple headphones are not designed to replace the battery, and indeed any other components inside the case. Disposal of such headphones is also quite complicated due to the complexity of removing the battery.

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