The prices for new Intel desktop processors became known

Apparently, cheaper is not expected.
Intel Comet Lake-S desktop processors have not yet been released, but we know more about them. Today we got acquainted with the parameters of six models of the new line. Now it’s the turn of prices.

The source shared a screenshot of an online store that already offers pre-orders for CPUs not yet submitted. In this case, we are talking about junior and medium models.

If you compare these prices with the current recommended prices for current similar Coffee Lake models, you can see that they are similar, although the new items are slightly more expensive. Considering that the new products have not even been introduced yet, we can assume that in reality prices relative to their predecessors will either not change at all or will increase slightly.

Also, this leak allows us to find out the base frequencies of these new products. For example, the base frequency of the Core i5-10400F here coincides with today’s data published in the morning.

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