The popular WhatsApp messenger unexpectedly started killing Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus and Xiaomi users began to complain that the popular WhatsApp messenger, owned by Facebook, began to drain smartphones very quickly.

Messages about this issue have appeared on the Reddit social news resource, the official OnePlus Forum, and even on the Google Play online store. For a couple of hours, the battery can “sit down” by 25%.

The messenger development team has not yet given an official response to complaints. Problems with the fast discharge of batteries are associated with updating the application under the number 2.19.308. Users of different OnePlus models complain about the discharge, including the new OnePlus 7T series, which are running Android 9 Pie and Android 10 operating systems.

The most observant noticed that the application does not go into the background. If it is forced to close, then the problem is solved. You can also install an older version of WhatsApp.

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