The Nvidia MX350 graphics card will be replaced by a powerful model of the GeForce GTX 1650 level, which will give Intel Xe DG1 a fight

Budget 3D-cards GeForce MX330 and MX350 have not really registered in laptops, but Nvidia is already working on a successor.
According to a source, Nvidia is working on a new budget discrete graphics card for laptops – it will replace the MX330 and MX350 models and will be built on the TU117 GPU. This indicates the application of the Turing architecture. At last!

While the promising model does not have a commercial designation, only catalog number N18S-G5 is reported. The novelty will be released in the second half of this year at the same time (or approximately at the same time) with the Intel Tiger Lake CPU and Intel Xe DG1 GPU. Actually, Intel N18S-G5 GPUs will have to withstand first and foremost.

The N18S-G5 will appear in two versions – A and B. Both are based on the TU117 GPU (it is used in the GeForce GTX 1650), support the PCIe 4.0 bus, connect to the GDDR5 or GDDR6 memory using a 64-bit bus and are characterized by a TDP of 25 watts. The difference is that one version of the video card is larger and the other is smaller: N18S-G5-B – 29 x 29 mm, N18S-G5-A1 – 23 x 23 mm. The N18S-G5-A1 will be equipped with a 3.5 GHz GDDR5 memory or a 5 GHz GDDR6 memory, while for the N18S-G5-B the only option is a 5 GHz GDDR6. The configuration of the GPUs is not reported, but you can count on the frequencies and number of CUDA cores like the GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q.

Mass production of new items will start in May-June, and laptops with N18S-G5 will appear at the end of summer or early fall.

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