The new MacBook Air is no longer just a typewriter. The laptop has become much more productive than the previous model

Two days ago, Apple introduced the updated MacBook Air laptop. He became a little cheaper, got a new scissor keyboard, and also switched to the 10th generation Intel Core processors.

However, which ones? Apple itself, as usual, does not indicate the models used by the CPU, speaking only about frequencies. And we know that the 10th generation mobile Core are four lines: energy-efficient and ultra-energy-efficient 14-nanometer Comet Lake CPUs and similar 10-nanometer Ice Lake CPUs.

Today on the Web there are reviews of the new MacBook Air, so that we can answer this question. True, this is not so simple – the vast majority of the first reviews do not contain any details regarding the processor models or their performance, which is disappointing.

However, you can find information if you wish. So, at the heart of the new MacBook Air are 10-nanometer Ice Lake-Y processors. In the last generation, recall, used Amber Lake-Y. And the new CPUs were significantly more productive than the old ones.

As you can see, in Geekbench 5, the new model with the Core i5 (Core i5-1030NG7) is 33% and 63% ahead of last year in single-threaded and multi-threaded modes, respectively. True, the basic novelty is equipped with a CPU Core i3, which will be slower, but the surcharge for Core i5 is only $ 100. And if you consider that the new processors use the Iris Plus GPU (G4 or G7), then in this aspect the new MacBook Airs will be much faster. In particular, in the Unigine Valley Benchmark test, the new MacBook Air is 50-100% faster than the old.

Against this background, it will be very interesting to see a comparison of the new items with the base MacBook Pro, released several years ago. In any case, the MacBook Air can no longer be called exclusively a “typewriter”, it is clearly suitable for more difficult tasks.

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